Saturday, April 25, 2009


I'm totally stoked about all the recent activity on the dibbly front - I have things to post which should be up next week, but at the moment I'm in Chicago (note the bean above) visiting the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where I will be rocking out in the printmaking department next semester as a gradumationuate student. Anyways, Dan wanted me to do a post on the road, so here is a bit of something from Chi-town - except that it is actually from LA. I dunno if yinz know the group Inverse, but its some pretty nice organic sounding hip-hop that truly sounds as if it was all made in a semi-stoned state halfway between the beach and the couch. I'm a fan. (Eli, I can already tell you that you probably won't be such a fan. I'd still check it out, but yeah.) Anyways, they rock a nice blog which I'd recommend taking a peek at. For now, another shot of the bean.


not exactly as planned, but fine.

Friday, April 24, 2009



*****BONUS UPDATE******

cause I love y'all and water skiing elephants the only thing that could possibly make this better would be some new RED 'N METH!
I can't believe we're actually going to get a BLACKOUT 2
Very excited for the new album, makes me wanna do this:

*****BONUS BONUS... ******

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

one more i want to show u this too

also this one i did two and some years ago but i never showed anybody.
and here is a music vid i did for fun a month ago or so. . .

on the bandwagon

This is a new painting. There are others. I need to photo stuff. I need camera that does this. goodnight moon and goodnight eli.


I figured I talk so much shit I better pay up.
Here's a new painting, a wee little 'feller.
"Captain" Oil on Canvas, 6" x 8" 2009.

Big ups to Eli KILLING IT!


i have been busy.

here is a flier for yesterday's event connected to Pterodactyl's release of their new full length, Worldwild, that the radawesome Kid Millions of Brah Records asked me to do.

i also did a gigantic stage set for the release of Knyfe Hyts new 12" single on Dick Move Records. (download it now at Pukekos. it'll only be there for the first 100 hours from 4:20 am on April 20th. sorry i didn't mention it earlier.)

in the back corner there was a small area for Micki Pellerano and his assistants to perform their invocations and such before each music set. i hung destroyed cray paper and a big painted pyramid with an eyeball with a star in the pupil.
these are two fairly shitty pictures, but Micki's stuff went fucking great. as is his show, currently up at Live With Animals.

that beard isn't mine.
and for the main stage i made big K and H banners and cut about 150 arrows out of black paper and hung them from the ceiling and from mesh so that knyfe hyts was forced to play their three sets (plus encore, plus secret surprise 4:20 a.m.ish encore) under a rain of death.
Happyfun projected onto the set and knyfe hyts tromped around in it wearing costumes designed by Arthur "tsicsaf a ma i" Arbit.

that's me running the smoke machine.

and this is my family after the show. note my brother's rock star face and my totally drunk face.

oh, zach, christine, and i printed the the record sleeves and poster inserts, which include calligraphy by our mom. that's her there.

photographs by sabine rogers, bj rubin, his wife fiona, or stephanie campbell.
any other photographs show up and i'll update.
oh, and today i'm working on a video for the other pterodactyl release event on saturday at secret project robot. i'll post the video her when it's appropriate. the show should be a good time, if you're in new york, come on by.

lots more work on the horizon. i'll keep you updated.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The I.D.E.S. of April

DJSethMabbott (of the above pattern) sent out a mix for the season recently and his work on the ones and twos inspired my last post so I figured he should get some love here.

Here's a link to the mix and several others streaming from his site:

And here's a direct link to an mp3 for DL:

Peep the goodness!

The rest of his site is worth checking as well for all you fly skimmies.

mix mix mix UPDATED

In the grand tradition of 420 I made a mix for you guys but fittingly didn't get around to uploading it yesterday.

There's a bit of a theme and I think we ended up with something pretty interesting.

01 Help On The Way - Ian Dreiblatt - 4:20
02 Pink - Boris - 4:20
03 Jah Kingdom - Bong-Ra - 4:20
04 Knight In Shining Armour - Deborahe Glasgow - 4:20
05 Mister President - Amnesty - 4:20
06 Wanna Test (Madlib Remix) - Lootpack - 4:20
07 My Tunes - Specifics - 4:20
08 Joshua's Song - Zöhar - 4:20
09 Angel Feathers - Chief Kamachi And The Juju Mob - 4:20
10 Un Shipibo En España - Juaneco Y Su Combo - 4:20
11 Que d'injustice - 2BAL - 2NEG - 4:20
12 Fu-Gee-La - The Fugees - 4:20
13 What You Don't Know - Mongo Santamaría - 4:20
14 T-Rex - All Night Dance Party - 4:20
15 Candy Shop (Remix) - 50 Cent Feat Vybz Kartel - 4:20
16 We're Gonna Make it - Damian "Junior Gong" Marley - 4:20
17 Got To Find A Way - Lorna Gee - 4:20
18 Summer Gypsy - Nujabes - 4:20


printable album art since the mix will charmingly fix on a cd if anyone still uses those things....

enjoy my friends, I promise some art soon....


Wednesday, April 8, 2009


More nature. Dad bought this feeder, which is filled with thistle. It is supposed to attract goldfinch, and two days later, here they are, grubbing down. Thought the photo was too clear not to post up.

As my English grandma would say "You know in France there isn't any birdsong, because they eat all the birds." Mmm...delicious little birds.

Monday, April 6, 2009

MAtthew Cummings is an alligator

I assume u all may have seen this already but thought i'd post it if by chance. . .

Saturday, April 4, 2009


this is a monoprint I did a little while ago and recently rediscovered (while "cleaning" my room). 9x12, acrylic on newsprint, mounted on panel.

Thurmont short

This is a short video that a friend, Ben Hesse, made at the last Thurmont party, which coincided with Robbie's birthday, March 21st. Featuring excellent music and a sweet line from Mac on shrooms.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Little spotted bug!

I caught this guy crawling on one of my paintings and he looked kinda nifty so I managed to get him under the loupe. Anyways, the camera did a bang up job of catching him in focus. Nice.

For best results click on the image for the giant version so you can bask in the glory of his spotted self.

(Title a reference to the famous: "Little yellow bug!" utterance of 2006. You had to be there.)