Monday, March 31, 2008

More different paintings.

You know, I wanted to be just, but apparently that name was already taken. So I checked it out...owned by a guy named Dwayne Dibbly! His last name is Dibbly (!) - that's amazing. And that alliteration...stunning. Too bad he hasn't updated since 2005. And all he posted about was X-box. And "doods."

These are three more paintings I did just recently...same size as the previous and using the same technique, a combination of de-c
ollage and image transfer as well as just some straight up painting in there.


[double trouble]

[consummate v's]

As I mentioned in the previous post, I'm helping set up the Carnegie International here in Pittsburgh, which I linked to in my only previous post thus far. I'm not really supposed to talk about what I've been up to, but I will a little. I got to meet Thomas Hirschhorn today, which was pretty nifty. His piece in the show is a very large installation that I won't say anymore about just now because I'm possibly going to be blogging about it on the museum website in the near future. We've been working on the Hirschhorn for about a week, with a fairly large crew, sometimes upwards of 15 people at once. He arrived today to join in, and in addition to building the structure just like we are, he will be directing us and installing all the very specific parts. I know this is pretty vague, and although I doubt word will spread of my little blog to the curator Douglas Fogle, I did say I wouldn't really talk about it before it opens, so I won't anymore. It's much more fun to be surprised by these things anyways.

Link to an interesting interview with Thomas Hirschhorn here.

Sunday, March 30, 2008


This is a bit of an experiment. I'm not really into the whole dramatic statement of purpose thing here. Pretty much I feel I'd prefer a more personal forum than the facebook or the flickr to post up some images of recent doings, and this is the result. If things go as planned I'll also be linking to blog posts that I'll be doing on the website of the Carnegie International talking about my experiences setting up that show. Unfortunately that link takes you to the website for the last International, but the history is pretty interesting. The new website isn't up yet, but you can see the artist list and info about the show here.

Hopefully I'll also post up some music things in the near future. Anyways, on with it.

Some recent paintings. Now part of the collection of Mr. Chung, of Brooklyn. The photos are taken on the rug, so not super quality. 5x7.