Wednesday, April 22, 2009


i have been busy.

here is a flier for yesterday's event connected to Pterodactyl's release of their new full length, Worldwild, that the radawesome Kid Millions of Brah Records asked me to do.

i also did a gigantic stage set for the release of Knyfe Hyts new 12" single on Dick Move Records. (download it now at Pukekos. it'll only be there for the first 100 hours from 4:20 am on April 20th. sorry i didn't mention it earlier.)

in the back corner there was a small area for Micki Pellerano and his assistants to perform their invocations and such before each music set. i hung destroyed cray paper and a big painted pyramid with an eyeball with a star in the pupil.
these are two fairly shitty pictures, but Micki's stuff went fucking great. as is his show, currently up at Live With Animals.

that beard isn't mine.
and for the main stage i made big K and H banners and cut about 150 arrows out of black paper and hung them from the ceiling and from mesh so that knyfe hyts was forced to play their three sets (plus encore, plus secret surprise 4:20 a.m.ish encore) under a rain of death.
Happyfun projected onto the set and knyfe hyts tromped around in it wearing costumes designed by Arthur "tsicsaf a ma i" Arbit.

that's me running the smoke machine.

and this is my family after the show. note my brother's rock star face and my totally drunk face.

oh, zach, christine, and i printed the the record sleeves and poster inserts, which include calligraphy by our mom. that's her there.

photographs by sabine rogers, bj rubin, his wife fiona, or stephanie campbell.
any other photographs show up and i'll update.
oh, and today i'm working on a video for the other pterodactyl release event on saturday at secret project robot. i'll post the video her when it's appropriate. the show should be a good time, if you're in new york, come on by.

lots more work on the horizon. i'll keep you updated.


dizzleD said...

you have for sure been busy!
i love the family portrait.
you're mom is so proud and you're dad's like, i can't believe this is what my kids do....

dizzleD said...

yo the secretprojectrobot link is wrong it goes to .com not .org.

Dibbly said...

i originally read that as "ruining the smoke machine" and was wondering what you were doing to it.

also - links fixed.