Thursday, December 11, 2008

in progress (three is the magic whatever)

A View of the Boundary Between All Things from the Peak of Mount Traros Pondengara: A Compleat Map of the Discovered Universes, A Partial Chronology of the Artist, and a Spell for Self-Emanating Joy
2'2" x 2'6" ink, blood, and cyanoacrylate on craft paper

still going strong. may be done by new years. probably not.

photo by zach.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

END of the year at AIR

For anyone who is in Pittsburgh, or the surrounding area - I will have a few pieces - some paintings and, if all goes according to plan, a nifty installation piece - in an "End of the Year" show this coming Saturday at AIR. In addition to myself there will also be work by the following artists:

howard booth
andy english
ian short
kerry gaydos
katyana gradler
matt forrest
mary tremonte
hunter blackwell
meredith hertel
allison glancey
jenn pascoe
erin foley
ryan emmett
rachel maran
jamie adams
sabrina adams
josh troy
gene marsh
mike hegedus
carolyn kelly
kristine synowka
amos levy
nathan mould
julia kennedy
lizzy devita
tresa varner
bill rodgers
robert beckman
nick fredland
ashley brickman
shaun slifer

Damn! Thats a whole buncha muncha cruncha artists. There will also be music in the form of DJ sets by DJ Mary Mack, DJ Sean MC and the duo of Hoof & Beek, as well as some snacks and of course, kegs upon kegs of free East End brews. Come and check this shit!

Sunday, December 7, 2008


acrylic and newsprint on panel, 8"x10"

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I rediscovered this aquatint I did from 2002 the other day, and thought it was too sweet not to post. In addition to rediscovering this copy, I also found the plate, which leaves potential for me to do an actual edition of this print, rather than just a bunch of crappy artist prints.