Sunday, November 23, 2008

Not really art, but awesome.

This weekend was early Thanksgiving at Thurmont. Below are the "family" pictures.

[american gothic]


[kooky spooky and chinese]


Cnut said...

what is thurmont??
these are darn cute.

Robbie said...

"what is thurmont"


Dibbly said...

Thurmont is the Whelan ancestral homestead in western Maryland - Whelan being the surname of the previous commenter. Pretty much, it's a glorious mish mash of excellent music, delicious food, and wacky hijinx - and lots of booze.

dizzleD said...

Ahhh .. wacky hijinx...., you old standby you. tried, trusted and true....

Cnut said...

ahhh excuse me robbie.
do you realize you are a mythical being? you are.
thanks for the explanation matt. looks like a fun place for aformentioned wacky hijinx