Tuesday, November 18, 2008

in progress

A View of the Boundary Between All Things from the Peak of Mount Traros Pondengara: A Compleat Map of the Discovered Universes, A Partial Chronology of the Artist, and a Spell for Self-Emanating Joy
2'2" x 2'6" pen on craft paper

it's been about three weeks of six to twelve hour nights. i'm a tenth done, maybe less.
see you in awhile.

UPDATE: the brown spots are krazy glue left over from working on a sculpture on the paper, previous to the drawing. it's what drew me to the specific sheet.

pictures care of zach. bad care of me.


Dibbly said...

eli these in progress shots are sweet - theres something kinda luminous about the images, I wonder if its just the lighting, but it made me interested to see what they'd be like with a warm light behind them.

eli. said...

so i held it up to a warm light, looked pretty good. will look better like that when it's done.