Friday, October 2, 2009

gestalt google googol

i could say that i have been thinking a lot about the internet, occam's razor, stochasticity, emergence, and theories of perception and understanding.
i could say that its very satisfying to google things that i can touch.
then again.. i could say i really like googly eyes and sticking them up around town.
i think its mostly #3
here's a few:

also, david duchovny scares me.


Dibbly said...

corrie these are hilarious - and david duchovny scares me too

dizzleD said...

Especially with his leering peepers!!!!

sean said...

Corrie please make a show of these

sean said...

these are very just good

meaty meat rakob said...

ummm these are adorable. i had a friend who was sticking googly eyes on human feces around town and calling them "shit babies". ahhh san francisco.

eli. said...

these rule.