Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I too saw an opening

So I went to an opening this weekend as well, here in Chi-city, of the work of Jonas Wood at Shane Campbell's gallery. Lots of nice paintings of nifty topics. Apologies in advance for shitty photos, I was rockin the iphone.

Had the pleasure of talking with the artist, the galler-ist, and most interestingly, the artist's Dad. Poppa Wood is an architect, and also let me in on the details about where some of the paintings are set, as the scenes depicted take place in his house! Unfortunately I didn't get a picture, but he was wearing this sweet yellow striped tie, and I mentioned it could fit into the picture above and he said that was intentional because he got it to match the paint in that room - goldenrod something or other.

These two were facing each other across the gallery, which was a very nice touch. Good lookin show.

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Cnut said...

this is good stuff!
and pretty good pictures, you handle the iphone well!