Thursday, January 15, 2009


I've been messing about with these book projects for a while and haven't figured out a great way to document them. This is an attempt.

I did this book in the summer of 2007 in Thurmont, MD. I was staying with Robbie Whelan and we were supposed to be fixing/destroying various sheds at Thurmont, and other things to maintain the place. At the same time Robbie was working on a manuscript and I was messing about with this. This is an excerpt from the book.

I started this second book in the winter and it progressed fairly slowly - mostly because I was doing a lot of other things at the same time, like installing the Carnegie International. It is almost complete, but there are a few little additions waiting to be made.

This third book is a work in progress - the amount in the video is the only completed section. I began this around September.

Media (for all three): ink, acrylic, silk screen, collage, image transfer, paint marker, lacquer.

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Cnut said...

This is a really smart format to present them, and they are so beautiful. well done sir.